The develop branch is the core branch from where all features should be created. To ensure a clean and working develop branch all features need to be created in other branches/forks. Never push onto develop

So if you want to create your own extension or correct an error you need to pull the newest develop and then create a new branch/fork the branch which is either named feature/MyCoolFeature or fix/FileorThingToFix.

Afterwards you should (squash) and rebase your branch/fork back to the actual develop branch. Then you can make a pull request and the AKSW Team will look over your pull request. Test your extension with phpunit and codesniffer before you rebase and create the pull request


Pull develop and create new branch

# Clone/Pull OntoWiki
$ git clone or $ git pull

# make changes and make a new commit
$ git add changed.file
$ git commit -m 'this is a feature branch to do something'

# push into new branch
$ git checkout -b feature/CoolFeature
$ git push origin feature/CoolFeature


# while you are in your branch and are done with everything
$ git rebase [-i] develop

# or if you in a fork add as upstream and then
$ git rebase [-i] upstreamname develop 

# then follow the instructions and squash the commits and rewrite the merge git commit 
# into a usefull explanation what your branch did.
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