Creating a new User

You have to create the user with the “Register User” function (Menu: “User” > “Register New User”, http://<ontowiki>/application/register) Per default this functionality is publicly available.

If you directly create or edit an instance of sioc:User with the normal editing functionality it takes all of the properties literally, this means especially, that the password is not encrypted resp. hashed.

Change Password

If you want to change the password of a user you have to login as this user and go to Menu: “User” > “Preferences”, (http://<ontowiki>/application/preferences). Don’t forget to tick the field “Change Password?”

If you don’t know the password of the user and want to set a new one, the workaround is:

  1. Login as Administrator or System-Administrator
  2. remove the password property of this user
  3. logout and login as the user with an empty password
  4. Now you can set a new password as described above
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