Ubuntu Quick Install Guide

Installing everything you need:

sudo apt-get install git apache2 php5 php5-odbc
cd /var/www/html
sudo git clone https://github.com/AKSW/OntoWiki.git

Install the newest stable Virtuoso-Opensource Version and use the guide from here and look at Building Virtuoso from Source

Setting up ODBC:

You need to add things in 2 files: odbc.ini and odbcinst.ini.

On Linux systems they can be found under /etc

(standard path for virtodbc.so is /usr/lib/odbc/)

Add the following lines to the odbcinst.ini file:

Driver = <prefix>/lib/virtodbc.so

Add the following lines to the odbc.ini file:

[ODBC Data Sources]
VOS = Virtuoso

Driver = virtuoso-odbc
Description = Virtuoso Open-Source Edition
Address = localhost:1111

Test it with:

make odbctest

Now you need to copy the /var/www/html/OntoWiki/config.ini.dist to /var/www/html/OntoWiki/config.ini if you have changed username/password you need to change them in this file. All important lines for Virtuoso are:

store.backend = virtuoso
store.virtuoso.dsn = VOS
store.virtuoso.username = dba
store.virtuoso.password = dba

The last thing is to start virtuoso and restart apache (the virtuoso service name is an example, most likely if you installed virtuoso through the guide on the virtuoso-opensource site you will start it manually in a terminal)

sudo service virtuoso-opensource-6.1 start
sudo service apache2 start/restart
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