We made some developer tools like cwm and owcli that help you during work with semantic data.

Install & Config

First, all statements and commands are tested on a Ubuntu, so please use the equivalent for your system.


There are 2 ways for install it. First, you can use the following command:

sudo apt-get install swap-cwm

Otherwise, go to http://www.w3.org/2000/10/swap/doc/cwm.html#dev and download it over CVS. (I save it in /home/Foo/opt )

_After minutes of waiting …_

cd /home/Foo/opt/2000/10/swap

In the swap folder you find many files, one of them named “README”.


Read it, it describes the installation.


The OntoWiki CommandLineInterface is featured on its own wiki page …

After installation, you should be able to use the “owcli” command over the console.

Use it, luke!

Now you should be able to use the “cwm” and “owcli” in the console. *Did you know other tools and scenarios for using it, please add it or write a comment!*

Scenario 1

You write n3-code and you will import it into Ontowiki. For example your n3-File named *FOOBAR.n3*. Switch into his folder.

cd /path/to/FOOBAR.n3

With the following makefile you are be able to automate it.

	@echo "If you wanna install these models via owcli, type 'make install'"

	cwm FOOBAR.n3 --rdf >FooBar.rdf
	owcli -m http://ns.foo.bar/FooBar/ -e model:drop model:create model:add -i FooBar.rdf

	owcli -m http://ns.foo.bar/FooBar/ -e model:drop

For using it, create a new file named *Makefile* and save the code above.

Execute in the console:

make install

Now go into your OntoWiki. Left you should see the new model *FooBar*. As you can see in the makefile, you need cwm and owcli. CWM transform a file into another, e.g. n3 to rdf. Over OWCLI you execute commands.

Known problems

  • Dont use blank spaces or special characters as a folder name like ö, ä or ü in german. For example Python doesn’t likes it.

  • If you getting errors like the following check your root-access. With phpMyAdmin open “Privileges” and set for *root@localhost* the same password as you set in /.owcli and ontowiki config.ini!
    JSONRPC Error -32000: Model <http://ns.foo.bar/> is not available and therefore not removable.
    JSONRPC Error -32000: Failed creating the model. Action not allowed!
  • If you getting errors like the following, check that you have a working *.htaccess* and *mod_rewrite* activated:
    The command "listModels" has no valid Service Mapping Description from the server.
    Something went wrong, response was not json encoded (turn debug on to see more)
  • If you getting errors like the following, check that you have the *php5-cli* package installed:
    /usr/bin/env: php5: No such file or directory
  • If you getting errors like the following, check that you have the *php-pear* package installed:
    owcli -m [...] -e model:drop model:create model:add -i namespace.rdf examples.rdf
    make: *** [install] Fehler 255
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