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milestones as well as current construction sites

Feel free to pick up one of this list and help us with this :-)


  • Schema / Ontology Documentation (started with site extension)
  • Advanced Versioning (started in branch Feature-AdvancedVersioning)
  • Drag & Drop (started in default)
  • Consolidation of Widget API and included widgets
  • Increasing extendibility by simplifying and robustifying the scheme by which editing actions are passed between OntoWiki and the Erfurt API
  • Template usage for rendering instance data (currently done through static method calls)
  • Blank Nodes
  • URI Normalizer (rewrite URIs before write to the system. lower case, directory part url encoding, decompose relative parts “./..” . see URI RFC for this.)
  • dependencies between extensions


  • Extension Management (finished in branch Feature-ExtensionUnification)
  • List Template Rewrite
  • Object Cache
  • Evolution Patterns (merged into default since edcda1071a)
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