This plug-in provides the possibility to define a URI scheme which will be applied, when new resources are created. This means e.g., all new project resources will be created as

The naming is applied by these rules:

  1. start the URI with the model base URI (should end with a slash /)
  2. add the class specific or default naming scheme to this URI.

The default naming scheme is type/label. type and label are placeholders which are replaces with the following values:

  • type will be replaced by the title of the class. The title is generated by the TitleHelper so a lot of properties are comprise in order to generate the title. The generated title is modified according to different URI restrictions.

To provide a specfic URI component title for a class, you can annotate it with sysont:creationLabel e.g. the following annotation in your knowledge base would create new foaf:Person resources as BASE/Persons/NewResource:

@prefix foaf: <> .
@prefix sysont: <> .

foaf:Person sysont:creationLabel "Persons" .

Note: This statement has to be added to the knowledge base where your resources are created, no the config knowledge base.

  • label is replaced in the same way by using the TitleHelper to generate a title based on the given data of the new resource.

In order to change the default naming scheme from type/label to something more sophisticated, you can annotate class specific naming schemes by using the sysont:instanceNamingScheme property.

Lets have a look at the following class annotation:

@prefix foaf: <> .
@prefix sysont: <> .

foaf:Person sysont:instanceNamingScheme "instances/person/label" .

This annotation changes the naming scheme in a way that new foaf:Person resources will be created as BASE/instances/person/NewResource.

Tags: ontowiki