OntoWiki using PHPUnit.

Ready …

Do not use a XAMPP environment for testing. There a few things which makes problems. So use native OS packages for Apache2, MySQL, PHP5 etc. Execute the following commands over your terminal.

For Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx):

  • Apache2
    sudo apt-get install apache2

For OntoWiki we need mod_rewrite

sudo a2enmod rewrite

Give you full write access to webfolder

sudo chmod 777 /var/www
  • MySQL If you would use Virtuoso or whatever ignore this part.
    sudo apt-get install mysql-server

for more information how to set up and configure a MySQL server please take a look at http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/MySQL

  • PHPMyAdmin Not neccessary but useful for administrate your MySQL databases. If you would use Virtuoso or whatever ignore this part.
    sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin
  • PHP5 , PHPUnit , PEAR
    sudo apt-get install php5 php5-cli php-pear php5-curl php5-mysql php5-odbc phpunit

.. steady, …

Now start neccassary services

  • Apache2
    sudo service apache2 start
  • MySQL
    sudo service mysql start

Now put a copy of OntoWiki into */var/www/myow*!

afterwards navigate into the directory

cd /var/www/myow

You will autmatically install PHPUnit per make install

… **Go!**

Tests folder content

Please use your terminal for navigating and doing things because of PHPUnit has no GUI and is usable only via terminal. Get folder content

cd /var/www/myow

Now you can either use

make test or make test-[unit | extension | integration-virtuoso | integration-mysql]

You should get something like:

PHPUnit 3.4.5 by Sebastian Bergmann.


Time: 2 seconds, Memory: 16.25Mb
OK (9 tests, 27 assertions)

if you want to only execute certain tests you can find the binary in */OntoWiki/vendor/bin/phpunit , if you don’t have the vendor folder you need to run make install or php composer.phar install. How to run only certain tests (and write them) can be read in the phpunit Documentation

Driven OntoWiki developers write every time tests for their new fancy stuff so this output can be changed in the future! But there should be _no_ errors by PHPUnit.


Percent symbol

If phpunit stop testing and breaks with an % like

PHPUnit 3.4.5 by Sebastian Bergmann.

in your tested code contains an exit call, which is reached (and the % indicates that your terminal complains about a missing newline). Use return; instead!

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