For this tutorial we will edit the taxonomy created in How to create and publish a SKOS Taxonomy in 5 minutes.

Log in and select the knowledge base you want to view and edit. Click on Actions->View all Resources.

Add Classes and Properties

See How to create and publish a SKOS Taxonomy in 5 minutes - Add classes and properties using dialogs

Edit Properties

Screenshot Edit Properties

Click on Actions->View all Resources and select the resource you want to edit. Alternatively you can click on Actions->Jump to Resource and type the name of the resource in the text field (prefix not required, e.g. “Jewellery” would be sufficient in our example taxonomy). Click on Edit Properties and edit the values. Click on Save Changes.

Rename the URI of a Resource

There is no official rename functionality so this is just a workaround. This will break all existing links from other resources to the renamed resource.

Go to the Source tab. In the text box search for the line containing the name of the resource, e.g. ex:Dog rdf:type skos:Concept;. Change it to a new value, for example ex:Wolf rdf:type skos:Concept; and click on “Save Source”. You have to reselect your knowledge base on the left in order to refresh the view.

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