This document describes our browser policy.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of our development browsers.


Firefox is one of our development browsers. CSS and JavaScript is implemented for the current Firefox version first. Older versions of Firefox are not supported.


Safari is one of our development browsers because some core developers are Mac users.

Internet Explorer

Since nobody of the core developer is using Windows, this browser is not well supported. Though, we occasionally test Internet Explorer in a virtualisation environment, compatibility is not as far-fetches as with our development browsers.

However, we want full support of MSIE version >= 7 in both, funcionality and display. So eveyone is welcome to submit IE hacks.

The following list sums up component that are currently known to not work in Internet Explorer:

  • MSIE does not support alpha layers in PNG images, so we have disabled PNG background images for MSIE.
  • RDFauthor, our JavaScript-based editing component relies on W3C’s RDFa parser which doesn’t work in IE.
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