Welcome to the OntoWiki users and developers wiki. It documents installation and development details. If you can’t find the answers you coming here for, please have a try to our mailing lists (User Discussions, Developer Talk).

What is OntoWiki? What can it do for you?

OntoWiki is a semantic application as well as a framework which acts as a hardened basement for your application in the Semantic Web context. One of its main purposes is to assist you managing your knowledge. Knowledge means here machine readable data organized as RDF/XML, Notation3, Turtle as well as Talis(JSON). You organize your knowledge using a feature-rich user interface managing classes, properties and resources. If you don’t know what is this all about, please have a look here (and associated pages) before continue reading. Furthermore what OntoWiki can do for you:

  • Providing feature rich user interface to helping you organize and manage resources, relations between resources, classes, … . We heavily use modern browser technologies to give you a smooth user experience.
  • It is a Linked Data server for you data as well as a Linked Data client to fetch additional data from the web
  • It is a Semantic Pingback Client in order to receive and send back-linking request as known from the blogosphere
  • You can use the backend you know to store your data, because OntoWiki is backend independent, which means you can save your data on a MySQL database as well as on a Virtuoso Triple Store

But thats not all, OntoWiki provides a rich set of extensions. In the following a collection:

  • Wikipedia like Wiki’s: create wiki pages using Markdown and have to possibility to attach wiki pages to existing resources
  • PubSubHubbub to spread your local knowledge changes over the web and be synced with foreign sources
  • Extension named CubeViz for visualization of statistical data which are organized in the DataCube format. OntoWiki + CubeViz are already in use for the Open Data portal of the European Union!
  • Integration of maps - if your data containing geographical information you are able to see it on a map


For informations regarding Browser Compatibility

For informations regarding Backup your Data

If you want to visualize your Graph look here

Custom startup script for Debian

Using reverse Proxy with SSL for OntoWiki)

Performance Tuning

Security Issues


If this is your first time with OntoWiki you might want to read the following pages:

If you are having some trouble, you should look at our FAQ Page . There might be just the right answer for your problems.

If you want to publish Linked Data you should look here

For more complex User-Stories look in the User-Stories Tab on the left.


If you have some experience with OntoWiki and PHP, JavaScript or RDF you might want to help us improving this software. Interesting pages for you are:

Getting started

OntoWiki application

There is also an API documentation available http://api.ontowiki.net/. for now not available

You might want to pick up one of the problems, posted on our Roadmap (needs to get actualized)

Professional Support

AKSW gives professional support for deployment and customization. Please ask Philipp Frischmuth and Natanael Arndt regarding this.

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